02 Mar

Your 100% Free eBook (Post)

Last week I wrote a post lamenting the silly emails I receive. Then, lo and behold, I received a very polite email from Matt at Blogging Fingers. He even knew my name! Granted, I probably wasn’t the only person he emailed, but his friendly email prompted me to click the link to the free eBook he was announcing (although the ’100% legal’ promise admittedly did put me off a little).

The book has some nice blogging and monetization tips, including a reminder that PPC ads like AdSense are better for un-web-savvy visitors, not so good for your regulars, and then at the end there was a handy link to more free reading called Stop Procrastinating Now. Maybe later.

Why write an eBook?

  • You probably have 80% of the content already from your blog posts
  • It’s a nice service for your regular readers/new readers
  • It helps promote your blog
  • You can add affiliate links to it
  • Street cred

Would you write an eBook?

If you already have, I’d be interested in hearing how it went.

I admit that I did once write an eBook. About seven years ago, at the grand old age of 23, I wrote a guide for men about how to attract women (priceless tips such as ‘wash’). It sold okay, not well enough for me to dedicate my life to writing eBooks though. If I did write another one now, the topic would probably be one of the following scorchers:

  • How to make 4c a week from your blog
  • A painstaking, point by point recap of the ’07 iPhone hype
  • Tom Cruise: you can help for just $1 a day (plus meds)
  • How to write good: present perfect simple vs present perfect continuous on your blog!