05 Sep

Blogging Skills To Add To Your Resume

Sometimes it’s necessary to dust off your resume and update it. Although many people don’t mention their blogs in their resumes, as long as it’s SFW (Safe For Work) you should include it because you’ve learned a lot of valuable skills while blogging. Yes, really! Print out the list below and put it on your wall next to the Affirmations.


  • Writing and editing. Yup, you do this. File under ‘Content Management’.
  • Time management. Getting into the habit of posting regularly requires being a bit organized and rather dedicated.
  • Patience. Building a blog is not an overnight project. Yet here you are, still at it.
  • Online advertising. Running affiliate ads on your site? Sponsored posts?
  • Analysis. Checking your stats every five minutes to see your traffic and who’s linked to you today?
  • Marketing. You promote your site via comments, link trains, directories and more.
  • Social networking. You make new contacts and build relationships.
  • Coding. You tweak add-ons and colors on your site.
  • “Web 2.0″. Whatever that means. Put it on your resume, because if you’re blogging you’re a part of it.
  • SEO. You try and make your site search engine friendly by considering keywords and titles.

Truth is, if you’re a blogger you’ve probably picked up a truckload of web skills that you might not even be aware of. They all take initiative and creative thinking. Can you think of any others?

PS. Coincidentally (I swear), Gospel Rhys has written a similar post today called Blogging To Get A Job.