27 Aug

Mirror, Mirror: Who Is The Most Self-Indulgent Blogger?

As part of his epic 31 Days To Building a Better Blog project, Darren at ProBlogger is following his own tips and linking to some fellow bloggers in a post today called 10 Blogs That I Read. Because he reads “hundreds” of blogs and has the feelings of a very large readership to consider, Darren used a random number generator to randomly select 10 blogs in his RSS Reader, and I was one of them! The Blogging Gods are surely smiling on me this week.

It’s also been interesting to read the mix of comments left below his post, particularly these two:

Chuck wrote: “I enjoy Michelle’s writing at Bloggrrl, mostly for the humor. The others I don’t find so appealing. There’s a fine line between writing with personality and crossing into nearly pure self-indulgence and presuming that that adds value.”

Admittedly this comment, although perhaps not directed at me specifically, made me think about myself, which is already self-indulgent. The truth is, it’s quite hard not to be self-indulgent when you’re the director, writer, editor and star of your own site. It’s the most narcissistic thing imaginable.

And browsing through recent Minx archives, I am almost always the protagonist in each post. I am Tom Cruise, without the Xenu bit, out the front and making the noise with Top Gun music in the background. I’m okay with that, although perhaps it’s time for a Guest Blogger cameo to mix things up a little. What about you, do you ever consider your blog a little too self-indulgent? Perhaps you should read 8 Signs You Masturbate Too Much. It’s about blogging, really.

Speaking of compromising positions, Carl Coddington commented: “It looks like a couple of them were caught with their pants down… I just think that if they knew they were going to be featured on ProBlogger they would have had a better top post.”

My top post at the time was Would You Tattoo A Website On Your Body? as it was what caught my attention online that day. Carl has a point; if I’d known I was getting a Big Link the next morning I might’ve drunk less wine, gotten more sleep and tidied up a bit.

But you can’t dress up every day like The Queen is coming to tea, and I don’t think you can be overly stressed about making a good impression or it doesn’t ring true. I want people to like me, but I’m not always in heels; sometimes I’m in my PJs. That’s true and a metaphor.

Do you manage your blog every day as through your readership might increase dramatically overnight? Or would you be “caught with your pants down”?