12 Jul

Something Green In Your Meal? Pray It’s Spinach

Oh dear. I found an MSN article (via LifeHack.org) called 10 Things Your Restaurant Won’t Tell You which is timely because apparently Americans now spend around half their food budget on eating out.

I knew I shouldn’t click on the article, simply because I eat out a lot (especially now, while I’m on the road) and I was expecting the worst. I was right, it was grim. “A lot of poor, transient people work in restaurants… They’re not giving up the $100 they’d make in a shift because they’re sick.”

On the bright side, it must be strengthening my antibodies. :) And I learned a couple of handy tips.

1. Be wary of ‘specials’ – they might be old leftovers buried under gravy or sauce.
2. Eating out on a Monday? It may be the quieter option, but it’s also leftover night.
3. Dinner at a casual restaurant may be a more fatty experience than buying a burger, because butter is often used liberally in dishes.

Bottom line: Can’t wait to get home, have a kitchen, visit the supermarket, and cook my own nice stuff again without having to worry about snot in my soup. Just a few more weeks…