15 Jun

Virtual Hugs And Other Things That Inspired Me This Week

Most writers go through moments of doubt. Is anyone actually reading my work? Did I just see tumbleweed blowing across my homepage? Am I writing about the right things? Someone should set up a Blogging Therapy website where anxious bloggers go to purge their worries. There should be a virtual couch.

But certain things encourage us to carry on. It might be people commenting on a post; it might be a linkback; it might be a triumphant $2 AdSense day; it might be a particular entry on someone’s site that makes you stop and think and feel better.

These are my three highlights from this week that included some of the above. What are yours? What stood out for you this week?

Jon from Art of Money has a great post called Why I’m Giving Up on Making Money about how to stop focusing on making money and think about offering value instead. Not only does it have some great points, it offers a refreshingly original perspective from the ocean of ‘how to make money’ posts.

Steve Olson has just started a running post called 90 Things To Be Grateful For which he adds to each day. This isn’t the usual well-I’ve-got-my-health list; number 7 is Ozzy Osbourne. It makes me look forward to what he adds next.

I got a very nice email and review from Richard Callaby, someone I’ve never met but he took the time to say he enjoyed my site. He even thoughtfully linked to the anchor texts he guessed would benefit me the most. I’m not mentioning this boastfully; I happened to be suffering from apathy at the time and his email cheered me right up. It’s kind of like a virtual hug. Which bloggers do you appreciate? Have you sent them a virtual hug?