21 May

The Frugal Law Student Reviewed

The Frugal Law Student has requested a site review.

Who? What? TFLS blogs about ways to save money while studying and dealing with college costs.

Site Design: TFLS uses a standard WordPress template. It’s clean and basic with a main column and ride sidebar, as well as a nice money/scales header graphic. I would recommend a darker background color to make the two columns stand out more.

Site Layout: The top of the homepage is rather crowded with Google ads, RSS feed button, date and post titles competing for space. The homepage is also a bit deep right now due to a recent epic (but useful and Diggable) list of 180 money-saving tips. His most popular posts are conveniently linked to in the sidebar. The translation widget is a nice touch; I had a look at the German and it looks mostly accurate.

Content: While the site’s tagline says TFLS is to help law students, anyone wanting to save money will find useful information on the site. Brett writes in a frank, friendly and thoughtful style and is loyal to blogger must-haves like text links, bold tags and lists. But he isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t know it all yet; he recently posted an apology for his grammar and spelling slip-ups! He also runs interviews with bloggers in his niche, which is a good way to network, learn and get reciprocal links. Must remember that.

Monetization: There seems to be little advertising yet apart from some sponsored posts and the Google ads. I’m not sure whether TFLS is aiming for a niche (law) student audience or a more generic one, but I imagine there are some real sponsorship opportunities there.

Interaction: TFLS has a MyBlogLog visitor reader, a DoFollow tag for comments and he responds quickly to reader comments and emails. His smiling avatar is on the homepage and About Me page to personalize his blog.

Finale: While I’m unlikely to sign up for law anytime soon, TFLS is a useful resource for anyone looking to save money, students especially, so there’s a handy niche market for him to tap into. It’s impressive to see a student being so financially conscientious. I wasn’t even conscious.

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