12 May

How To Make 4c a Week From Your Blog

For the past week I’ve been reading blogs about making money online. I’ve learned that the way to make money online is to blog about making money online. People want answers, so they visit these blogs and leave hundreds of comments thanking the writer for their wise posts. Traffic goes up, ads are clicked on and suddenly the writer’s making even more money! So they blog about that. And so on. Some are making hundreds of dollars a day from this sort of activity.

But I’m not.

You might be skeptical about that. You might be thinking, “Oh come on, you’re making money, you just don’t want to share your secret with us.” Well, to prove you wrong I’m going to paste my week’s earnings from AdSense here:

There, you see? I made 4c in one week! I could beg on the street and make more in an hour. But I’ve been at my desk networking, reading, writing, optimizing, cropping, coding, downloading, uploading, wiping the sweat from my brow… and I’ve made 4c.

So, in the name of blogging, I’m going to share my secrets of how you too can make 4c a week.

1. Have fewer than 100 visitors.
There are billions of people in the world but you don’t want them all visiting your site. Aim for around 65.

2. Have some ads that nobody clicks on.
Everybody has ads and affiliate links on their sites these days but it’s crucial they only receive one click every 2-3 days. See tip #1 above for how to achieve this.

3. Join networking sites that no one actually uses.
Sign up for all the blog networking sites. This will generate some traffic, maybe 10 visits a day. That’s enough for your 4c.

4. Digg your articles but don’t let anyone else Digg them.
1 Digg, that’s enough to generate two or three visitors out of pity.

5. Subscribe to all the successful blogs.
Then leave comments like, “Great post, thanks!” and link to your url. I’ve had at least three visits this way.

6. Instead of blogging, just keep checking your stats and income.
That day when you make 1c will encourage you to keep going.

7. Write about what you had for breakfast.
You’d think no one would care, but that’s not true. At least two people will care.

8. Don’t do any of those PayPerPost deals.
Those payment-for-blogging deals may look like a good idea, but they’ll mostly pay a minimum of $5 per post. That far exceeds your goal of 4c a week. Five dollars a day is just extravagant.

9. Attend blogger conventions and network with people already making 4c a week.
Those are the people you can really learn from. It takes an awesome amount of discipline and intelligence to achieve that amount.

10. Don’t give up.
I know it’s easy to sit on that 3c a week and think, “I’ll never make it.” But I have and you will, too! Now excuse me while I go and collect my paycheck.

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